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Our priority at Gentle Dental is an uncompromising approach to safety and patient protection. To help ensure safety efforts with COVID-19, we have implemented new equipment, updated safety operational protocols and retro-fitted our facility with modern clean-air technology.

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Each room is equipped with High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance filtration for particle absorption.

Our facility is equipped with a commercial-grade ultraviolet air sanitizers to kill airborne material.

Physical safeguards including automated hardware and sneeze-guards have been implemented to protect staff and patients.

Our new Isolight dental isolation system reduces droplet and aerosol spray during procedures.

Our upgraded facility is setting a new standard in safety.

At Gentle Dental, we are pioneering advanced approaches to patient protection. We have upgraded our facility with the leading technologies focused on optimizing and maximizing our comprehensive safety protocols. Modern equipment, including new extraoral clean-air protective technology, ultraviolet air sanitation and high-efficiency particulate filtration have been implemented to elevate the standards in patient protection for our healthcare providers. Call and learn more about our upgrade facility.

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