Missing Full Mouth

A lot of people have all their teeth removed so they need to replace them to have the ability to eat and talk without discomfort.

Edentulism, where someone is missing all their natural teeth, is a widespread problem and makes it difficult to eat and talk comfortably and can negatively affect self-esteem and self-confidence. There are several solutions for replacing an entire arch of teeth which include:

  • Full or complete dentures
  • Mini dental implants
  • Full mouth dental implants
  • Denture implants

What Are Full Dentures?

People have been wearing full dentures for hundreds of years, and the most modern dentures look and feel quite comfortable, consisting of natural-looking denture teeth supported by an acrylic base that closely matches your natural gum color. Full dentures rely on your gums and jawbone for support. They are the least expensive and least invasive way of replacing missing teeth but can cause multiple problems.

A few years after losing natural teeth, the jawbone reshapes substantially, causing full dentures to become ill-fitting and reducing denture retention. Consequently, people often find it difficult to eat and speak because their dentures are so loose and uncomfortable. Because the dentures rest directly on the gums, the pressure can increase the rate of bone loss.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants are typically used to stabilize a lower denture and consist of a narrower diameter implant. They can be inserted directly through the gums and straight into the jawbone, eliminating the need for incisions and stitches, so healing is faster. The smaller design means they are a cost-effective dental implant, and because of the way they are situated, bone grafting is often unnecessary.

Treatment is less suitable for replacing an upper denture because mini dental implants need a minimum height of bone for successful insertion. The height is more likely to be missing in an upper jawbone because of structures like the sinus cavities that are air-filled spaces just above the upper back teeth.

What Are Full Mouth Dental Implants?

Full mouth dental implants are probably the ultimate solution for complete tooth loss. Optimally located dental implants support an entire arch of teeth, and the bridge is permanently screwed or cemented onto the dental implants and is only removable by an implant dentist.

The bridge is constructed from high-quality porcelain, and the most modern bridges are entirely metal-free, providing excellent aesthetics. Once the bridge is in place, it gives a biting and chewing strength similar to real teeth. Dental implants help prevent further bone resorption.

Full mouth dental implants do need careful planning and placement. It is essential to ensure they are located well away from essential structures like nerves and blood vessels. They also need to be situated in strong, healthy bone. If this bone isn’t present, it can be reconstructed with bone grafts, but this can increase the time and cost of full mouth dental implant treatment.

What Are Denture Implants?

Denture implants are also called overdentures, consisting of dentures with special attachments on their fitting surface and which clip onto dental implants. The overdenture is removable for easy cleaning and regular maintenance.

Denture implants are a cost-effective way to restore a full mouth and are most often used to secure loose lower dentures with as few as two or four dental implants. When used to secure an upper denture, a greater number of implants are needed, but the upper denture is then constructed in a horseshoe shape, so it is smaller and less bulky. Consequently, it is more comfortable to wear, and users can taste food more easily since all the taste buds in the upper palate are uncovered.

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