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Invisalign Cost

The cost of Invisalign treatment is determined by the issues requiring correction and the length of treatment.


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The cost of Invisalign treatment depends on the extent of correction and the length of treatment. The total fee will be higher if you require a lengthier treatment that entails more sets of Invisalign trays. Contrarily, if minor tooth movements are needed, you will need fewer trays, which leads to lower cost.

When are Invisalign Costs Likely to Be Lower?

Some people have relatively straight teeth, but perhaps a few are overlapping or appear too crowded. Others may have teeth that are only slightly out of alignment. These people do not have major issues with their bite. Patients in this position may have originally had orthodontic treatment during childhood but have noticed their teeth have moved with age. It’s an issue that can occur if retainers aren’t worn on completing orthodontic treatment.

People in this position are more likely only to require teeth straightening that affect their front teeth visible whenever they talk and smile. They might be suitable for a more cosmetically oriented Invisalign treatment. Relatively few sets of aligners are needed to move these teeth so that treatment may be completed in a matter of just a few months.

Who Might Have Higher Invisalign Costs?

People who are likely to have higher Invisalign costs include those who require complicated tooth movements affecting most or all their teeth. For example, some people have issues with their occlusion, where their teeth do not bite together correctly, and these teeth need significantly realigning. They might have unsightly gaps between some teeth, or teeth that are too protrusive or tilted inward.

When Will I Know How Much Invisalign Costs?

When you see our Invisalign certified dentist, we can examine your teeth and determine the problems requiring correction, so your teeth become ideally positioned. We then provide you with an estimate of the predicted Invisalign cost, and should also be able to give you a good idea about the time needed to complete treatment.

Because straighter teeth are often healthier teeth, Invisalign treatment can be a great investment in your dental health while improving your smile.

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