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Dental Implants Problems

We take every precaution to minimize any risks by performing comprehensive assessments for each patient prior to recommending a dental implant procedure.


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Potential complications are often preventable

Often, the conditions that can affect the outcome of dental implant treatment can be successfully managed, and many are preventable with the correct treatment planning. Typical dental implant complications include:Dental implant infection

  • Osseointegration failure, where the implant fails to bond with the bone around it
  • Poorly located dental implants
  • Biomechanical failure
  • Failure because of bone or soft tissue defects
  • Dental implant infection

What is Osseointegration Failure?

When an implant post is inserted into the jawbone, it must begin to bond strongly with the bone around it, a process called osseointegration. Osseointegration normally takes several months to complete, by which time the implant post is firmly fused to the bone.

Often, the surfaces of implant posts are specially treated to encourage osseointegration, but there is always the chance of failure, so the implant post isn’t strong enough to support a new tooth. Sometimes an implant is inserted into an inadequate amount of bone. Implants must be surrounded by a minimum amount of bone for treatment to be successful.

What Happens When a Dental Implant is Poorly Located?

Your jawbone contains important structures that include nerves, blood vessels, and sinus cavities. Implants must be inserted to avoid these structures as otherwise, they could damage them. If a dental implant is too close to a nerve, it can cause numbness or pain, which in some cases can even be permanent. Your sinus cavities are close to your upper back teeth, where the bone is often substantially thinner. Incorrectly located dental implants can perforate the sinus cavities, which is why it’s often necessary to have a sinus lift when replacing upper back teeth.

The proper treatment planning and implant placement can overcome these dental implants problems easily. We take great care when planning dental implant placement to ensure we avoid important structures and that implants are optimally located.

What is Biomechanical Failure?

Dental implants are made from a strong titanium alloy or zirconia material, so biomechanical failure is rare. However, sometimes if an implant is subjected to excessive stress, perhaps because of tooth clenching and grinding, or if it is poorly located, it may become fractured. When a dental implant isn’t situated correctly, it makes it tricky to restore it properly.

The result may be a compromise that ultimately affects functionality and could lead to failure. Sometimes dental implant components can be replaced, but other times the entire implant may need to be removed. For example, if a mini dental implant fails, the entire implant may need to be removed because the implant is often formed in a single piece.

Failure Because of Bone or Soft Tissue Defects

Even if osseointegration is initially successful, bone loss can still occur around a dental implant at a later date and which can affect its stability. Gum tissue loss can affect the appearance of your implant tooth, causing gaps or dark triangles between teeth that may also trap food and are difficult to keep clean.


Dental implant infection can occur soon after implants are placed or after years of enjoying healthy implants. Dental implant dentists reduce the risk of infection immediately after implant placement by prescribing antibiotics. When a dental implant infection occurs years later, it’s often because of poor oral hygiene.

Some people mistakenly think that because dental implants are artificial, they cannot become infected, but the tissues around them certainly can. Peri implantitis is similar to gum disease and can infect and destroy the gum and bone around dental implants.

If you choose dental implant treatment, you must commit to looking after your dental implants correctly. Caring for dental implants isn’t complicated as often they can be brushed and flossed exactly like natural teeth. Ongoing preventive professional dental care includes regular checkups and hygiene treatments where our hygienists use special tools to clean around your implants.

Who Is a Greater Risk of Implant Complications?

Some people do have a higher risk of dental implant complications, and possible risk factors include:

  • Smoking can increase the risk of peri-implant disease
  • A previous history of periodontal disease
  • Poorly controlled diabetes although people with well-controlled diabetes can often have successful dental implant treatment
  • Untreated bruxism, where the patient clenches and grinds, placing excessive stress on the implants which in turn causes implant bone loss

Factors that do not increase the risk of dental implant complications include gender and age.

Certain medical conditions can contraindicate implant treatment. Some people do not have enough commitment for maintaining dental implants correctly or lack the dexterity needed. You can rest assured we will not recommend implants if we do not feel the treatment has an excellent chance of success.

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