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We provide customized dentistry service to tend to your oral health throughout your lifetime. If you are looking for a "family dentist near me" then you should contact Gentle Dental. Protecting and improving the oral health of your whole family is the goal of Gentle Dental.

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Our goal is to keep your teeth healthy & strong to prevent disease

Gentle Dental warmly welcomes patients of all ages. Your oral health changes throughout lifetime, which is why we provide customized dentistry services that are adjusted to suit your unique dental needs.

We offer a comprehensive range of family dentistry services designed to keep your teeth healthy and strong, preserving and protecting them, prolonging their natural life, and preventing dental disease. Our dentist at Queens dentistry will work with you, ensuring you enjoy optimal health at all times. “We strongly recommend everyone sees a family dentist regularly for preventive care.”

  • Tooth Extraction

    Tooth extraction may be necessary. Potentially due to tooth decay, extremely crooked, worn down teeth, or problematic wisdom teeth.

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  • Dental Filling

    Even with good oral care, many people have one or more dental fillings, and issue that is often due to dietary habits.

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  • Tooth Cleaning

    Professional teeth cleaning is the easiest way to help prevent serious diseases such as periodontitis.

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  • Root Canal

    Root Canal therapy is an extremely safe, relatively pain-free treatment that has helped millions of people preserve the health of their teeth.

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  • Dentures

    Using only the finest materials, our doctors craft dentures that perfectly complement your facial structure, restoring both function and beauty.

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  • TMJ

    Temporomandibular or TMJ pain can be very unpleasant and may be temporary or will last years.

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We treat families as they grow, from one generation to the next

Our family dentist here at Gentle Dental can discuss all options suitable for your situation and will explain the possible pros and cons of each procedure. As with any treatment we provide, we make sure you have all the Information necessary for an informed treatment choice. When you visit Gentle Dental, we can carefully assess the health of your teeth to determine if dentistry procedures are suitable for you. For more information about the best rated dentists in Queens, contact Gentle Dental at 718.461.0100


”This a place where I feel confident for me and my family” -Evelina

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Looking For Family Dentist Near Me

Whether looking for a dental exam, teeth whitening, crowns, preventive care, or implants for yourself or a family member, choose an advanced dentistry clinic staffed with a family dentist providing continuing and comprehensive care using a holistic approach to treatment planning and delivery to ensure personalized patient-centered experience in an enjoyable, calming atmosphere.

Locate a family dentist near you who offers a full range of general and cosmetic dental treatments utilizing the latest in dental technology and techniques to help you and your entire family achieve and maintain the perfect healthy smile.

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Common Questions

  • Massin Feliz “Top Notch Service” ★★★★★

    From the staff greeting you at the front desk to the dental assistants and the dentists treating you to the beautiful impecable and bright office, Gentle Dental offers top notch service. Everything from treatment rooms, hallways, bathrooms, waiting area, absolutely everything looks bright and clean. Every piece of equipment looks new and state of the art. The staff treats you respectfully, professionally and yet with a smile, making you feel your satisfaction matters to them. What most impressed me however was the quality of work they did on me. I was in a lot of pain due to a fractured tooth. The doctor performed a root canal and placed a crown over three visits. I appreciated that he took his time, made sure I was comfortable, explained and answered any questions I had. The result was a crown that looks just like the rest of the adjacent teeth, it looks amazing!!! It came out perfect! I’m beyond happy! I can not recommend Gentle Dental enough. If you care about doctors and assistants with knowledge, friendly professional staff and highly appealing facilities, do yourself a favor and establish your dental care here. You’ll be glad you did.

  • Gary Pyatigorsky “Highly Recommend” ★★★★★

    After days of constant throbbing pain and sleepless nights, I went to my old dentist for an appointment. He took one look at the x-ray of my molar and declared I was going to have the tooth extracted since it had split. I was supposed to come back the following day for the procedure but my dentist left on vacation leaving me in a very bad position. I asked my friends if they knew any good dentist. I was recommended that I go to the Gentle Dental to have the work done. I remembered from my previous appointment how difficult my last extraction was and that this one was probably going to be as difficult if not more. I called the dental office and they told me to come right in for an emergency consult. I was getting nervous walking in for my appointment since i was in pain for more than four days. The people at the reception desks were professional and helpful in directing me where I needed to go and helping me sign in. Dr. Ilyabayev was assigned to my case and he put me at ease almost immediately. It might've been his friendly attitude or the fact that he covered the steps of the procedure and made sure that I understood what he was telling me. He asked me if i had any questions or concerns. The extraction went according to plan without any complications. I was finally pain free and able to eat and drink without any pain. I highly recommend Gentle Dental to anyone. The professionalism, competence and care given is superb and the cost is reasonable. Thank you again for everything

  • twyla david “Amazing!” ★★★★★

    My experience with Gentle Dental was Amazing! Yesssss I’m saying Amazing at a Dental Office! Very Much So! The Staff is Sooooooooo Caring And Highly Professional in every aspect of the Word, and my Doctor, Dr Kogan is Sooooooooo Professional and Kind, he explains everything that he’s doing before he does it, he’s very attentive to your feelings making sure that your okay during his Procedures, I have my Union’s Dental insurance, however I’m highly sensitive and my Union Dental does not have the Nitro gas which allow you to be alert but in a Twilight state, in other words it’s not painful while the Procedure is being done, and Gentle Dental has it, which I’m Very Very Grateful. I know there’s Probably Several Locations but I’m recommending the one on Francis Lewis in Bayside the address is 35-30 Francis Lewis Blvd Bayside New York 11358, Don’t forget to Ask for Dr Kogan tell them Twyla David Sent you! Have a Bless and Amazing Safe Day! Go to Gentle Dental! “God Bless!”

  • Ale Rubak “Simply Great” ★★★★★

    My first visit to Gentle Dental was great! The entire staff was incredibly welcoming, and the facility itself was amazing. Dr. Park, my dentist, was highly professional and thorough in explaining both the procedure and its details. Choosing to get a root canal done at Gentle Dental was a great decision, and I'm grateful for receiving the right treatment. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this practice to my friends and family!

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