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New technology that is eliminating pain and discomfort with advanced water-energized lasers

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One of the truly important recent advances in modern dentistry

Gentle Dental is pleased to feature one of the truly important recent advances in modern dentistry—the Waterlase® system. This uses laser-energized water to accomplish the work of traditional drills, virtually eliminating the pain and discomfort associated with past dentistry. Indeed, laser dentistry allows our cosmetic dentists to perform an extensive range of general dentistry procedures with incredible accuracy and speed while the patient simply sits back in the dental chair and relaxes. “The Waterlase® system uses laser energized water to accomplish the work of traditional drills, eliminating pain and discomfort. ”

Laser dentistry gives us precision without using drills.

The extreme precision of our dental laser allows us to treat selected areas of the mouth without affecting any of the surrounding tissue. As a result, patients retain more of their healthy tooth structure, ensuring optimal oral health.

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The dental laser system can be used for a wide range of treatments

The laser produces no heat or vibration, and it’s extremely quiet, particularly when compared to the whine of the traditional drill. It is so gentle, we are able to perform many treatments without anesthetic, making it ideal for any patient who has avoided the dentist due to anxiety from traditional dental drills.

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