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Whether you are missing a tooth because of trauma or decay, a single tooth implant is often the optimal way to replace it. This sophisticated treatment is widely regarded as the gold standard for restoring missing teeth and will give you a replacement tooth that looks and feels every bit as good as your natural tooth.

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What Is a Single Tooth Implant?

A single tooth implant consists of a single implant post or screw made from high-quality titanium alloy or a ceramic material called zirconia. A special attachment is fitted to the implant post and is called an abutment, and this supports the final restoration, which is an implant crown.

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Why Choose a Single Tooth Implant?

A single implant tooth provides the most natural-looking restoration, giving you a tooth that emerges from your gums, just like the real thing. We take great care when designing and crafting implant restorations, ensuring you receive an implant crown that blends in beautifully with your surrounding teeth.

Easy to Care for

A single tooth implant is super easy to care for as you can brush and floss around it exactly like a natural tooth. Brushing at least twice daily and flossing once daily, combined with regular checkups and cleanings, will help you to maintain a healthy, strong implant that should last for years.

Protecting Your Oral Health

Even a single missing tooth can make a tremendous difference to your dental health. Your remaining teeth will drift out of place, affecting their stability and your bite. Over time, the bone that used to surround your original tooth root begins to resorb.

A dental implant protects your jawbone and prevents resorption. Because the implant is self-supporting, it prevents unwanted tooth movements and shares the stresses created as you bite and chew food.

What Are the Alternatives to a Single Tooth Implant?

Alternative treatments include a conventional dental bridge or a dental flipper or one tooth denture.

  • Dental Bridge
    A dental bridge is supported by crowns fitted on teeth adjacent to the gap, and these teeth need substantial reshaping so the crowns fit correctly and do not feel and look too bulky. While a dental bridge looks very natural, removing healthy tooth structure is undesirable. The replacement tooth called a pontic rests directly on the gums, and over time, the bone underneath the gum reshapes, and this can eventually leave an unsightly gap beneath the pontic that can easily trap food.
  • One Tooth Denture
    A one tooth denture lacks the stability and strength of a natural tooth or an implant tooth and is only really suitable as a temporary option. Sometimes a flipper is used as a temporary restoration before implant surgery.

Who Can Have a Single Dental Implant?

Single dental implants are suitable for anyone with reasonable dental and medical health and who may be missing a tooth because of trauma or decay. Sometimes teeth are congenitally missing, meaning they never developed. Age isn’t a barrier generally, but your teeth and jaws must have finished growing. Usually, an implant dentist cannot fit a dental implant until a patient is at least aged 18.

What Is the Procedure for a Single Tooth Implant?

Initially, we will need to review your medical and dental history to ensure you are suitable for implant treatment. Next, we take digital dental x-rays and a cone beam CT scan to plan your treatment accurately. Using this information, we identify the correct location for the implant, ensuring it is surrounded by plenty of healthy bone.

A single implant can be placed in as little as an hour, and many people feel comfortable with just a local anesthetic. If you would prefer extra sedation, we can discuss suitable options with you.

During the dental implant procedure, a small incision is made into your gum so we can see the bone underneath, identifying where the implant must be placed. The implant is inserted into the jawbone during surgery, where it soon begins to fuse with the bone around it, a process called osseointegration.

While the implant heals, we can place a healing cap over the implant, which protects it and helps to shape the gum tissue. Shaping the gum tissue ensures excellent aesthetic results, and that the implant crown is surrounded by gum that is easy to keep clean. During healing, we provide a temporary tooth as we will never leave you without a smile. It takes several months to finish the healing process, after which the post is strong enough to support an implant crown.

How Long Does It Take to Recover after a Single Implant?

Recovery afterward is usually very quick and uneventful. Most people have few side-effects, and any discomfort should be minor and easily relieved with over-the-counter painkillers. It’s not unusual to feel no discomfort whatsoever. You should feel well enough to return to work or everyday activities the next day.

A well-maintained dental implant can last for decades, so in the longer term, it is an extremely economical solution while giving you the next best thing to having your natural tooth restored.

Our periodontists here at Gentle Dental can discuss all the single tooth implant treatment options suitable for your situation. For more information about single tooth implant in Queens, contact Gentle Dental at (718) 461-0100.

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