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Dentures vs. Implants

Complete or partial tooth loss may be common, but this doesn’t make it any less upsetting. Solutions to replace missing teeth include dentures and dental implants.

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What Are Dentures?

Dentures have been replacing missing teeth for hundreds of years. Nowadays, they are fabricated using lifelike teeth supported in an acrylic gum-colored base. Full dentures replace a complete arch of teeth, while partial dentures replace one or more missing teeth and are usually supported with clasps that fit around existing teeth.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing Dentures?

Dentures are non-invasive and do not require any surgery to fit them. They can be fabricated quite quickly and are inexpensive. A well-designed denture can provide adequate retention initially so wearers can enjoy a reasonable choice of foods.

What Are the Disadvantages of Choosing Dentures?

While modern dentures are carefully designed to feel and look natural, they do have certain shortcomings. Because the dentures rest directly on the gums, they can easily rub and cause sore spots. After even a few years, it becomes trickier to wear dentures comfortably because of changes affecting the jawbone. When natural teeth are removed, the jawbone gradually resorbs losing height and width, so denture retention becomes trickier. Consequently, dentures fit less securely, and eating becomes more uncomfortable. Denture adhesives are messy and expensive and only offer a temporary solution that doesn’t address the underlying problem.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants artificially replace a real tooth root. They normally consist of three separate parts, the first of which is an implant post or screw inserted directly into the jawbone. Implants are made from highly biocompatible materials, so the implant quickly bonds with the bone around it, becoming firmly fused in position, which gives it enough strength to support a new prosthesis. Dental implants can support single implant crowns, implant bridges, and implant overdentures.

What Are the Advantages of Choosing Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a long-lasting solution for tooth loss, and benefits can include:

  • Implants are permanently fitted into the jawbone and, with the proper care, can last for many years.
  • They are a healthier option for tooth loss because the implant post stimulates the bone around it, helping to preserve it and preventing bone resorption.
  • Dental implants are designed to feel and function just like real teeth.
  • Dental implants can be brushed and flossed, exactly like natural teeth.
  • They have a biting strength similar to real teeth, making it easier to enjoy a greater range of potentially more nutritious foods.
  • Eating a nutritious diet can help protect overall health, making it easier for your body to fight disease.
  • Dental implants look natural and can restore self-confidence and self-esteem.

What Are the Disadvantages of Choosing Dental Implants?

Dental implant treatment is initially more expensive compared with other options, but the cost can even out over time as implants are long-lasting. Usually, at least one surgery is required and possibly to depending if other treatments like gum or bone grafting are needed. Without good oral hygiene, dental implants can become infected with peri-implantitis, a condition that is similar to gum disease.

Not everyone can have dental implants as they may be less suitable for some people with immune conditions or who need to take specific medications, or for smokers. Dental implants may be unsuitable if you clench or grind your teeth.

Deciding between Dental Implants vs Dentures?

Dental implants are widely regarded as the best solution for restoring missing teeth while preserving and protecting your jawbone and gums. They can provide excellent aesthetics, not to mention a biting strength similar to natural teeth. In contrast, dentures can be tricky to wear, make it difficult to eat certain foods, and need replacing fairly frequently. But, some people prefer dentures because they are less invasive and affordable, so it is an individual choice.

We want you to make an informed choice about your dental treatment by giving you all the information you need to decide which option is best for you. Our dental team will discuss every option available with you, including the pros and cons of each.

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