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With 3-D scanning and a comprehensive analysis of your individual teeth positioning, our Invisalign specialists can quickly asses your case within the first consultation.

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What is the Treatment Process for Invisalign?

The treatment process for Invisalign is very straightforward and begins with an examination of your teeth here at Gentle Dental. Our Invisalign dentist will thoroughly evaluate your teeth to determine the problems that require correction and to decide if Invisalign is the most effective treatment. One important step is a 3-D scan of your teeth.

Why Do I Need a 3-D Scan for Invisalign?

A 3-D scan of your teeth replaces a conventional tray impression, providing our dentist with clear 3-D images of your teeth. These images are extremely detailed and accurate and are viewable from every angle using Invisalign’s software.
This powerful software uses data harnessed from millions of smiles and creates a ‘road map’ for your treatment plan. Using the information, we can create your unique digital treatment plan, ensuring that exactly the right amount of pressure is applied precisely to reposition teeth. We can fine-tune the repositioning of each tooth, creating a more perfect and potentially healthier smile. The road map ensures that the final treatment outcome will be a smile that looks attractive with teeth that bite together properly and function correctly.

Previewing Your Smile

You can preview these 3-D images created as we design your new smile before you get started on treatment. It is part of the process that most people find very exciting, and which allows you to have your say about your treatment plan. Previewing these images also enables you to evaluate this treatment more easily and to assess if it is a worthwhile investment. You will see clearly how your teeth could look after completing Invisalign. Once you are entirely happy with the predicted results, we will finalize your treatment plan and will order your aligners.

How Are My Aligners Made?

Using the 3-D scan, we create your custom aligners. These are specifically engineered to ensure a great fit and are extremely high quality, so they look and feel better. Every aligner is individually trimmed, so it fits precisely around your gumline.

Getting Started With Your First Sets of Aligners

When you return to our dental office to begin your treatment, we will make sure your aligners fit well and can answer any more questions you might have about your treatment. We will discuss what to expect when you initially begin wearing your aligners and will provide you with several sets to get you started on your path to a straighter smile.

Our cosmetic dentists here at Gentle Dental can provide you with consultation about the Invisalign process. For more information about Invisalign treatment in Queens, contact Gentle Dental at (718) 461-0100.


  • Sharon Livingston “They really impressed me.” ★★★★★

    I was very surprised. I went because they had a special and I figured I wouldn’t get that much attention. The ladies at the desk were very polite and professional. I didn’t wait long. Every section of my mouth was xrayed and a full set of pictures were also taken. The dentist addressed all my concerns and paid close attention to my problem, although that was not part of the special. There was a great financial advisor who explained everything completely. They really impressed me

  • Josephine Oliveri “Experience at gentle dental was excellent” ★★★★★

    My first experience at gentle dental was excellent.the place was very clean, friendly, I was very comfortable, everyone I met was very nice, of course I need a lot of work done in my teeth but I am happy to know I’m in great hands. I’ve been seen other dentist regularly every six months but I realize that I didn’t have the right care.. I thank my son and my nephew to recommend Gentle Dental. It’s worth the trip from Syosset to Bayside, it was my husband first visit too and he is very happy to meet the right dentist to work with. Thank you all!

  • Winston Bowen “totally satisfied” ★★★★★

    I had a visit to Gentle Dental this week and was impressed with the important updates that were adopted by them in their office to allow patients protection against the COVID-19 virus. They have provided for safe in-person visit, masking policy is enforced, and the temperature of patients are taken.These precautions minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission. The usual professional service was rendered by my dentist and I was totally satisfied with the outcome of the procedure

  • Kate Pllana “very pleasant and professional” ★★★★★

    When you walk in, the surroundings feel relaxing like you’re in a spa. Then as you check in you’re offered some tea. I almost forgot I was at a dental office. I’m bummed that they don’t have any pediatric dentists there as well, otherwise I would love our whole family to be seen there. They are very pleasant and professional. I would recommend them to anyone. Their wait times are really short, I barely got started on the form I had to fill out before they called us in.

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