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Advanced Technology

Our philosophy is rooted in modernizing the approach to dentistry, including implementing to newest forms of digital tools and clinical equipment.


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The Waterlase System & Laser Dentistry

Gentle Dental is pleased to feature one of the truly important recent advances in modern dentistry—the Waterlase® system. This uses laser-energized water to accomplish the work of traditional drills, virtually eliminating the pain and discomfort associated with past dentistry.

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Diagnostic Equipment

Prevention will always be the most effective means to promote good oral health. So we will always encourage you to schedule regular cleanings and dental examinations that include periodontal evaluations and oral cancer screenings. Using the most advanced diagnostic tools available, we can identify and treat potential problems before they have the opportunity to progress. This plus routine dental appointments and a sensible daily oral hygiene regimen is absolutely essential to maintaining your best oral health and a beautiful smile.

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Digital X-Rays

For your safety, only low-dose digital and panoramic x-rays are used at Gentle Dental. This exposes you to the absolute minimum amount of radiation. Yet the images produced provide an all-inclusive view of your mouth that can help us detect problems that might otherwise could be missed, including tumors, cysts, bone abnormalities, and fractures.

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