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What Is an Underbite?

When you close your mouth, your upper teeth should be in front of your lower teeth. With an underbite, the opposite is true, so your lower teeth close in front of your upper teeth. It’s a problem that is often due to the lower jaw being incorrectly positioned, so it is too far forward.

What Problems Can Be Caused by Underbites?

When teeth are improperly positioned, it can cause them to wear down more quickly. Also, an underbite can make it harder to chew food properly and sometimes to speak clearly.

Can Invisalign Fix an Underbite?

Invisalign aligners can correct some underbites. Usually, the lower teeth can be moved back with Invisalign aligners, so they sit properly behind the front teeth. If an underbite is especially severe, we may suggest Invisalign treatment in combination with oral surgery to reposition the lower jaw.

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