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Affordable Dental Implants at Gentle Dental of Bayside

What results in more confidence, missing teeth or a brand new great smile? Without a doubt, a restored smile brings back the confidence to share that smile with the world.

Dental Implants serve as permanent support for missing teeth, and can also be used to secure dentures. Our implant dentists have decades of experience under their belt and perform hundreds of procedures each year for patients in the Queens and Nassau County area.

Dental Implants Dental Implants

Dental Implants only $599

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Why implants?

Gaps in your smile are unattractive and missing teeth make talking and eating difficult. But did you know that missing teeth actually cause bone loss in your jaw? Bone loss around the mouth and jaw can shrink the contours of the jawbone, producing wrinkled lips and a recessed mouth and chin. In a nutshell – missing teeth make you seem older! Cosmetic dentists are trained to solve these problems with dental implants.

Over 3 million Americans already have dental implants, and that number increases by half a million each year. That many people can’t be wrong! Dental specialists combine art and science to create a perfect, lasting smile at an affordable price.

Dental implants provide a practical, effective, and safe alternative to traditional bridges or dentures. Benefits of dental implants include:

  1. A more youthful appearance
  2. Better oral health, with no more cavities
  3. Confidence when speaking or eating
  4. Support for your jawline and facial structure
  5. Immediate, lasting results
  6. A fabulous smile with natural-looking teeth

What more could you ask for? Join the millions who have already enhanced their lives by choosing this simple dental procedure.

What are implants?

Implants are small titanium posts inserted into the bone where the tooth's root used to grow. The titanium is biocompatible, which allows it to fuse with the bone, keeping the bone living and stimulated. Your new teeth are attached to these titanium posts. A dental implant can replace one damaged tooth or an entire mouthful of them.

What about cost?

One big concern people have when considering dental implants is the cost. The plain truth is, your mouth is like a snowflake, different from everyone else’s. Your treatment plan and your dental implants will be unique. Schedule a free consultation to receive an accurate estimate of what your custom dental implants will cost. Payment plans may be available.

Once you discover the world of possibilities, you will not want to live another day with missing or decayed teeth. Affordable dental implants are available if you do your research.

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