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Microdontia only affects one or two teeth, and it is rare for it to affect all teeth.


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Very occasionally, a genetic syndrome is the underlying cause of microdontia dental issues. There are two main types of microdontia.

What is Relative Generalized Microdontia?

Someone with a larger jaw than average or with a protrusive jaw may be diagnosed with relative generalized microdontia, where the size of their jaw makes it appear as if their teeth are smaller when in fact, they are the right size.

Localized Microdontia

Localized microdontia affects single teeth that are smaller than average or which are smaller than neighboring teeth. It can affect the tooth root, the tooth crown, or the entire tooth. Localized microdontia is the most common form of microdontia. It usually affects teeth in the upper jaw or maxilla.

Which Teeth Are Most Likely to Be Small?

The most likely teeth to be affected are the lateral incisors, which are right next door to your central incisors or two upper front teeth. The shape of the lateral incisors may be normal, or these teeth can be peg-shaped and are smaller than average.

Some people have a small lateral incisor on one side while the adult lateral incisor on the other side is missing because it didn’t develop. Sometimes a baby lateral incisor is left in its place, or a person will have no tooth at all. Wisdom teeth or your third molars may also be affected and can appear smaller than the other molars.

Receiving chemotherapy or radiation during childhood before age six can affect tooth development. Treatment can result in microdontia.

How to Treat Small Teeth?

Most times, localized microdontia does not need treatment, but some people want to improve the appearance of their smile. We see quite a lot of small teeth in adults and can provide cosmetic dental treatment to make teeth longer and more aesthetically appealing.

How to Hide Small Teeth with Veneers?

We can provide custom-made veneers for small teeth and which are thin shells of porcelain made to fit precisely over the small tooth. Because we are increasing the size and potentially the length of the tooth, tooth preparation is usually unnecessary. We can simply take an impression of the tooth, which is used to custom make your veneer. Once the veneer is ready, it is bonded firmly onto the tooth, giving the appearance of a regular-sized tooth.

Veneers can also be made from a tooth-colored composite resin that is applied directly to the tooth surface in a process called dental bonding. The material is hardened, shaped, and polished to create the correct sized tooth.

How to Hide Small Teeth with Crowns?

Instead of hiding the front surface of a small tooth, the entire tooth is covered with a dental crown. If your tooth is very small or has signs of decay, a dental crown may be a preferable solution as it provides better protection for a peg-shaped tooth.

Our general dental specialists here at Gentle Dental can discuss all Small Teeth treatment options suitable for your situation. For more information about the best treatment for small teeth in Queens, contact Gentle Dental at (718) 461-0100.


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    Dr. Ilyabaev is one of the best dentist I have ever had the pleasure of being a patient of. Not just for people who are VERY fearful of getting dental work done like myself, but also because he is a grade A professional at his craft. I Went into his office and was greeted by a VERY friendly staff and felt comfortable through the entire process. He knew I had a bad fear so he talked me through the whole thing and made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process .. I had such an excellent experience with him I plan to go back and get all the necessary work finished. I look forward to my next appointment!

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    I moved a good distance away. As a result I visited multiple dentist near my new location because of my work schedule. Needless to say, I regreted it. I have began going to gentle dental once again, the staff are very accomodating. The service and care is exceptional. The oral surgeon is by far one of the best, if not the best I have ever had the pleasure of have work done by. They are very attentive and follow up vicariously. Very professional and proficient. Thank you Gentle dental for not holding any grudges because of my disloyalty. Just kidding, but thank you sincerely…

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