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Healing people is a quality Dr. Knop exhibited early on. As a young girl she pretended to be a doctor with her dolls and even nursed injured animals back to health, and then as a teenager, she learned how to administer first aid. She put this training to use, along with her composure in emergencies, during a class trip when she calmly aided a badly injured classmate. The adults who were present could only look on. Dr. Knop was always preparing for a life in medicine.

She has considerable skill as an artist and craftsperson.

Dr. Marianna Knop graduated from NYU College of Dentistry. During her medical studies, Dr. Knop found that she also had considerable skill as an artist and craftsperson. This discovery changed her focus to dentistry, where this added talent is perfectly suited to making precise dental appliances. Even today she considers the work she does an art.

Living a fulfilling professional life, maintaining a healthful lifestyle, and keeping an optimistic outlook on life are ideals Dr. Knop both lives and regularly advocates to her patients. Because in order to take of others, you first need to take care of yourself.

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